I offer a whole range of services, from virus removal to backing up and reinstalling windows systems. Below we have listed the services, price and a description of the service.

Don’t forget, if there is anything you do not understand then give me a call as I am sure I can cater for any computer and laptop repairs and upgrades you may desire.


Restore Windows Access


Blue screens errors, looping reboots, Lost Passwords, SafeMode access only, Missing system files.


Hardware Diagnosis


Software testing of system components to diagnose actual fault(s). This charge is waived on repair works being undertaken.


Reinstall Windows OS


A genuine Certificate of Authenticity for the Operating System is required for us to perform the reinstall. We will then perform a clean install of the Operating System and install all hardware drivers and software.


Data Backup


I will attempt to save all data as requested dependant on the condition of the hard disk or media being used. If data can be restored i will restore it to a device of your choice. Additional hardware may need to be purchase.


Additional Software Installation


Per 30 minutes time taken. Software provided by the customer, or various programs as requested. E.G.: Open Office (an alternative to Microsoft Office), Google Chrome/Firefox, Adobe Reader for PDF files, CCleaner tool.


Virus Removal


The virus removal service includes a comprehensive scan of your laptop or computer to remove any viruses, ad-ware and spyware. Once the scan is complete and your system is free from infection we will then install a free antivirus program to ensure that you are protected from further infections.




Has your computer or laptop is or has been running slowly our Tune-up service will get you back up to speed.

Laptop Screen Repairs Halesowen

Screen Repairs

From £79.99

Cracked your laptop screen? This is one of the most common issues with laptops. We offer repairs on all makes and models. All replacement screens come with 12 months Warranty.

Apple Mac Repairs Halesowen

Apple Mac Repairs


We offer repairs on all Apple devices including: iPads, iPhone, Macbooks, Imac’s and Apple Desktops. All hardware and software issues are covered. Please get in touch so that we can offer you a quote for your repair.